Cook County Circuit Judge Donald J. O’Brien Jr. Approved $1.375 million Settlement

Cook County Circuit Judge Donald J. O’Brien Jr. on Thursday approved a $1.375 million settlement in the case of a 45-year-old woman whose lower leg was amputated following a slip-and-fall accident.

Marianne Larsen-Hruby slipped on an icy sloped walkway while leaving PICS Previews in Elk Grove Village Jan. 22, 1997, breaking her ankle in three places, Larsen-Hruby, who is a diabetic, suffered complications with the fractures and her leg had to be amputated below the knee in June 1998.

Plaintiff’s attorney Kurt D. Lloyd of Smith & Smith claimed the walkway’s slope violated the applicable building code because there was no flat landing outside the doorway. He said the building’s owner, represented by Jeremiah P. Connolly of Bollinger, Ruberry & Garvey, agreed to pay $625,000.00; PICS, represented by Joseph F. Spitzzeri of Johnson & Bell, agreed to $400,000.00 and waive a $150,000.00 workers’ compensation lien; and the walkways’ builder, represented by Angela DiVito of the Law Offices of John J. Zachara, agreed to pay $200,000.00.

Marianne Larsen-Hruby v. Krautsack, PICA Previews Inc. and Foote, Cone & Belding, No. 98 L 6411. More from lawyers of distinction that work with these people.

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